Drug Maker Settles With Sisters Who Blame Cancer On Pregnancy Drug Four sisters who claimed in a lawsuit their breast cancer was caused by synthetic estrogen their mother took during pregnancy in the 1950s have reached a settlement with the drug company Eli Lilly and Co.
Jury Selected In DES LawsuitThe jury is in place in the lawsuit pitting women with breast cancer against one of the nation's biggest drug companies.
4 Sisters Who Had Breast Cancer Sue Drug Maker, Blaming Mother's MedicationThe Melnick sisters blame a drug called Diethylstilbestrol, commonly known as DES. And now they are taking pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly to court in a groundbreaking lawsuit.
Court Victory For Women Who Claim Drug Gave Them CancerA federal judge in Boston has ordered 14 drug companies into talks that could lead to settlements with 53 women who claim their breast cancer was caused by an anti-miscarriage drug their mothers took decades ago.
NightSide - Andrea Goldstein and Dr. Randi Hutter-Epstein Talk About DESMillions may have been exposed to a carcinogenic drug.