Whitey Bulger Found Guilty Of Racketeering In Deaths Of 11 PeopleWhitey Bulger was convicted Monday in a string of 11 murders and other gangland crimes.
4th Day Set For Bulger Jury DeliberationsJurors in the Whitey Bulger trial have been allowed to examine a machine gun that was among a cache of weapons Bulger allegedly hid in South Boston.
Day Two Of Bulger Deliberations End Without VerdictAttorneys at the trial of former reputed mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger have been huddling, but it's unclear why.
Jury Begins Deliberations In Whitey Bulger TrialJurors in the trial of Whitey Bulger began deliberations Tuesday in a sweeping racketeering indictment that accuses the reputed crime boss of participating in 19 murders.
Jury Reviewing 240 Pieces Of Evidence In Nate Fujita Murder TrialThe first full day of deliberations in the Nate Fujita murder trial ended with no verdict.
Closing Arguments Presented In Nate Fujita Murder TrialThe trial of a Wayland man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend went to the jury Tuesday.
Jurors In Mattapan Massacre Trial Agree To Return ThursdayJurors in the Mattapan Massacre trial have agreed to continue deliberating.
Deadlocked Jury Struggles With Deliberations In Mattapan Massacre TrialJurors in the Mattapan murders trial were unable to reach a complete verdict after a fifth day of deliberations Tuesday.
Mattapan Massacre Trial Now With JuryThe trial of two men accused of gunning down three adults and a toddler during a drug robbery in Boston is in the hands of the jury.