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Who Lies More, Men Or Women?

The truth could get us in trouble sometimes. But which gender is a bigger bender of the facts?


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Curious About Potential Dangers Of Energy Drinks

Sales of energy drinks are booming. But are they dangerous?


Lisa Hughes

Curious About Lisa H.

I’m missing Lisa Hughes. Will she be back soon? Hoping that things are ok with her and wishing her the best. – Nancy, Weymouth


Curious Why We Showed 2-Faced Cat

Does WBZ have a policy about what it shows during its’ newscasts? Remembering that noon and 5 and 6 o’clock newscasts are during meal hours, and many people like myself watch the news during dinner, what possessed you to show video of a deformed cat without some sort of warning? – Keith, Brookline


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Curious Why Gas Prices Aren’t Dropping Faster

I’m wondering now that the price of oil per barrel is down under $80, we only see a few cents lower at the pumps. I’d like to know when the price of gas was down to $2 something a gallon, what was the price per barrel then?? And why don’t we see a lower price at the pumps now?? – Susan, Graniteville


clam diggers

Curious About Boston Harbor Pollution And Clam Digging

As clean as the harbor is now, the problems aren’t completely fixed. A viewer’s husband digs clams on the harbor’s shores, and is curious about recent closures.


American hikers Shane Bauer (L) and Josh Fattal (R). (Photo credit MOHAMMED MAHJOUB/AFP/Getty Images)

Curious About Who Paid The Bail?

I’m curious who is actually paying the “bail” money that it cost to free those hikers that thought it would be fun to hike along the Iranian border? By the way, who thinks that? – D, Hudson



Curious About T Workers Getting Free Ride

I just found out that T employees don’t pay to ride on the T. How is it someone that rides on the T every day like everyone else doesn’t pay but the other average folks do? Doesn’t seem fair when we talk fair hikes! – Dave, Mansfield


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Curious About Using Tax $$ To Regulate Casinos

If and when the proposed casino bill passes how many new state jobs will be added to the state payroll to oversee and manage this organization? – Gary, W. Upton


Sal DiMasi talks to reporters outside court after the verdicts were read on June 15.

Curious About DiMasi’s Pension

I’m curious if Mr. DiMasi will lose his pension in light of the recent conviction in court. It would seem to me if he were to be found guilty of such an offense, he should lose the right to claim his pension. – Karen, Boylston