David Axelrod

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Keller @ Large: Attention Obama, Romney Campaigns – Stop The Baby Talk

Both parties need to stop the baby talk. Jon Keller is at large.


White House spokesperson David Axelrod spoke in front of the Massachusetts State House on Thursday.

Supporters Of Obama & Romney Clash At Axelrod Appearance In Boston

The Massachusetts Statehouse became a highly-charged backdrop for the White House campaign on Thursday as President Barack Obama’s top political strategist assailed Mitt Romney’s record as governor while competing against a steady stream of chants and catcalls from a group of Romney backers.


Protestors from both sides outside the State House Thursday morning. (Photo by Carl Stevens)

Romney Supporters Try To Upstage Obama Advisor At State House

Several dozen Romney supporters, many with signs reading “Obama isn’t working,” stood behind metal barricades on the sidewalk and kept up a noisy protest while David Axelrod spoke.


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Patrick Gears Up For Obama Re-Election Bid

President Barack Obama is reaching out to an old friend and fellow Democrat as he prepares for a tough re-election campaign: Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.


Gov. Deval Patrick (CBS)

Gov. Patrick Creates A Federal PAC

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is forming a federal political action committee. The director of Patrick’s state committee said the governor decided to form a federal committee to help coordinate and finance his activities on behalf of the national Democratic Party.


The Face Of Evil…No, Not Akmoodingaling…David Axelrod !

     Every once in a while I forget this guy Axelrod is lurking and slithering in the Obama White House (though not for long) and then he pops his venomous head out and appears with his […]