I Don't Think I Can Take Anymore....... I've got to tell ya, when I said a few days back that I've been watching too much televison lately.......that may have been the understatment of the decade. I've held my tongue (finger tips) for years about the crap the American public is called up to endure on television lately, but I've got to say, my inner-child (the nasty one) is about to bust out.
FlurriesWith the first snow arriving, a perennial event certain to wreak havoc on local roadways, today’s column offers a flurry of thoughts inspired by winter doldrums ahead…
Beware Of The TV Clicker ! I guess there are a lot of things we all do for our spouses.....and tonight, I watched an entire edition of Dancing With The Stars. Yup I did and I'm proud to survive it.
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