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Daily Talker: Controversial Action Figures

A mother in Florida has started a campaign to have “Breaking Bad”-inspired action figures removed from Toys R Us stores across the country. Do you think selling the action figures at Toys R Us is inappropriate?


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Daily Talker: The Fallout In Keene, NH

The cleanup continued on Sunday after violent parties erupted near Keene, New Hampshire’s annual pumpkin festival. What do you think should happen to Keene State College students who were involved in Saturday’s riots?


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Daily Talker: Football Fashion

Patriots fans are feeling pretty good this morning following last night’s dramatic victory over the Jets on Thursday Night Football.  There were a lot of big performances on both sides of the ball that clinched […]


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Daily Talker: Halloween Ebola Costume

With Halloween fast approaching, stores are busy stocking up on the latest costumes, including hazmat costumes. But with Ebola causing so many deaths in Africa and even one here in the U.S., do you think it is appropriate for people to wear the hazmat costume for Halloween?


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Daily Talker: Paid To Freeze Your Eggs

Tech giants Facebook and Apple are telling female employees they will pay to freeze their eggs, but some critics say this encourages women to put their careers ahead of motherhood. Should companies offer to freeze the eggs of female workers?


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Daily Talker: Controversial Comments

A New Hampshire lawmaker is making headlines after a controversial comment. In a blog post, Manchester Rep. Steve Vaillancourt called U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster “ugly as sin”. Should he apologize? Should looks be off limits when it comes to criticizing political candidates?


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Daily Talker: No More “Boys and Girls?”

A Lincoln, Nebraska school recommended that teachers not refer to kids as “boys and girls” as a way to promote “gender inclusiveness”. What do you think about this proposal?


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Daily Talker: Big Raise For City Councilors

On Wednesday, the Boston City Council voted to give itself a $20,000 raise starting in 2016. While it may seem to be a big raise, some councilors cited the cost of living in Boston. What do you think of Boston city councilors voting to give themselves a $20,000 raise?


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Daily Talker: To Snoop Or Not To Snoop

A group of experts has released new recommendations for parents, urging them not to snoop on their children’s mobile phones or internet use. Do you agree that parents should not snoop on their children’s social media life?


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Daily Talker: Dangerous Distraction?

Two new studies have found that voice-activated smartphones and dashboard infotainment systems may making the distracted-driving problem worse instead of better. Do voice-activated systems help you when you are behind the wheel or are they a distraction?





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