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Daily Talker: Introducing Caitlyn Jenner

Bruce Jenner’s transition is complete. “Call me Caitlyn,” declares a headline on the July cover of Vanity Fair, with a photo of a long-haired Jenner in a strapless corset, legs crossed, sitting on a stool. […]


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Daily Talker: 11-Year Vigil Nearing The End?

They’ve held a continuous vigil inside a closed church in Scituate for nearly 11 years.  But the end may be nearing for a group of parishioners. A Superior Court judge has ordered that parishioners must vacate […]


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Daily Talker: iPhone Glitch

Some pranksters are sharing information about the glitch on social media and using it to crash other peoples’ phones.


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Daily Talker: Fat-Shaming Apology

Women’s clothing company Lilly Pulitzer is apologizing following a picture posted online that quickly drew outrage.


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Daily Talker: T-Shirt Controversy

Retailer PacSun has pulled a t-shirt from stores following outrage from customers.  The shirt shows an American flag upside-down, which symbolizes a nation in distress. A shopper in Alabama posted a picture of the shirt and it […]


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Daily Talker: Toll Bridge On The Cape

(AP) — The Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of the summer season on Cape Cod and with it, the inevitable traffic backups around the Bourne and Sagamore Bridges. The idea of a third […]


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Daily Talker: Squirt-Gun and Water Balloon Ban

They are annual summertime activities for kids. They are something we’ve probably all done at some point as children. But one organization is banning them. The Boy Scouts of America is banning squirt-gun fights and water balloon […]


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Daily Talker: “We Won’t Appeal”

Patriots owner Robert Kraft is throwing in the towel when it comes to the team’s fight with the NFL. “I don’t want to continue the rhetoric that’s gone on for the last four months,” Kraft said […]


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Daily Talker: Pledge Of Allegiance Protest

A New Hampshire teenager is demanding an apology after she says she was humiliated by a teacher for protesting the Pledge of Allegiance. Fatima Smart says in March she exercised her right to stay seated […]


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Daily Talker: Prom Dress Crackdown

It’s that time of year where high school students are busy getting ready for prom.  But girls at one Connecticut in high school are getting a hard lesson in fashion. Educators at Shelton High School, apparently […]