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Daily Talker: Canadian-Born President?

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is the first major candidate to jump into the 2016 presidential race after making the announcement official overnight on Twitter. Cruz was born in Calgary to an American-born mother and a […]


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Daily Talker: Mandatory Voting?

President Obama on Wednesday endorsed the idea of mandatory voting. General election voter turnout for the 2014 midterms was 36.4 percent, the lowest in any election cycle since World War II, according to the United […]


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Daily Talker: Coffee and Race

Instead of stirring up a discussion on race, Starbucks has stirred up controversy. Starting this week, Starbucks employees can write the words “Race Together” on cups to initiate conversations about race issues. But the move […]



Daily Talker: Controversial Billboard

A state lawmaker says a billboard is offensive to women and is calling for it to be taken down. The Gulf Electricity billboard on I-195 in Fall River and along the Mass. Pike in Boston shows […]


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Daily Talker: School Menu Changes

There are some big changes on the way in cafeterias at more than 40 Boston public schools and parents are not happy about it. Schools have traditionally offered a wide variety of options on menus, […]


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Daily Talker: Smoke-Free Disney Movies

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced Thursday at the company’s annual shareholder meeting that he will “absolutely prohibit” depiction of smoking in Disney films with a PG-13 rating or below, unless they involve an historical figure who smoked. “I […]


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Daily Talker: Photo Controversy

A photo of a baby wrapped in an American flag has quickly gone viral. Navy veteran and photographer Vanessa Hicks shared the photo on Facebook.  The photo, from a military family’s newborn photo shoot, shows […]


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Daily Talker: Dangers Of Too Much Praise

There is a new study that has a lot of parents talking today. The study out of Ohio State University suggests that constant praise for our kids’ accomplishments may have the unintended side-effect of creating […]


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Daily Talker: Boston 2024 Staff Salaries

The group spearheading Boston’s bid for the 2024 Olympics on Monday disclosed the salaries of its top executives and consultants, including former Gov. Deval Patrick, who will earn $7,500 per day when he travels on its […]


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Daily Talker: Should Scituate Church Be Closed?

The Boston Archdiocese is giving parishioners until Monday to vacate St. Francis Cabrini church or face legal action.