Daily Talker: Love Him Or Hate Him? Jeopardy Champ's Unusual StyleJeopardy champ is earning admiration and frustration online with his unusual answers. What do you think?
Daily Talker: Capping Sick TimeGov. Charlie Baker wants to limit how much sick time state workers can save up. He says hundreds of state workers are getting big payouts when they retire. A proposed cap would have saved the state an average of $3.5 million every year in the last three years.
Daily Talker: Lego Sets Becoming More Violent?They've been popular for decades. A new study found Lego sets are becoming more violent. Do you agree?
Daily Talker: Despite Team's Wishes, Woman Spreads Father's Ashes At FenwayThe family of a die-hard Red Sox fan wanted to honor their late father by spreading some of his ashes at Fenway Park. When the team said no, they did it anyway.
Daily Talker: MA Senator Wants To Get Rid Of Checked Bag FeesA Massachusetts senator wants to get rid of checked bag fees, at least for the summer. He says that will help alleviate the long security lines at airports across the country.
Daily Talker: Pedestrians OnlyThe city of Boston is considering turning busy streets like Newbury Street and Hanover Street into pedestrian-only walkways.
Daily Talker: Graduation Gown ChangesUnity versus tradition. Not everyone is happy with the graduation gown changes at Portsmouth High School.
Daily Talker: Crowdfunding For CollegeA local teen is trying something new to help pay for college. She created a Go Fund Me page to raise money for tuition.
Daily Talker: How Much Homework Is Too Much?A renewed debate over the amount of homework given to young students. How much is too much?
Daily Talker: Mom Under Fire For Child-Free WeekendsA mother under fire after revealing she and her husband enjoy child-free weekends every weekend.
Daily Talker: Call For Olympics To Be Postponed Due To ZikaLess than three months from the Summer Olympics, one public health expert is calling for the games to be postponed or moved because of the Zika virus.
Daily Talker: Six-Hour Workday Experiment One country is experimenting with a six-hour workday on an eight-hour salary. They want to find out if a shorter workday increases productivity and overall happiness.