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Daily Talker


Daily Talker: Supreme Court Throws Out More Campaign Finance Limits

Once again, the Supreme Court has ruled that some financial limits on political contributions violate free speech rights.

In a 5-4 ruling, the high court said donors can give to as many political candidates and campaigns as they want, and threw out the current $123,000 overall limit on contributions from individuals.



Daily Talker: Should The Pentagon Stop Selling Tobacco?

Members of the military who smoke may soon find it tougher to buy cigarettes.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says he’s reviewing whether the Pentagon should ban tobacco sales and smoking on bases and ships.



Daily Talker: Rearview Cameras To Be Required In New Cars

Starting in 2018, all new cars, SUV’s minivans and light trucks sold in the United States will have to come with rearview cameras.

The rule issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is aimed at reducing the average of 210 deaths and 15,000 injuries each year caused by backup accidents. Victims are often children and the elderly. The NHTSA believes the cameras will save about 15 lives and prevent as many as 1,125 injuries each year.



Daily Talker: Red Sox Predictions

The Boston Red Sox take the field as defending World Series champions for the first time Monday, when the team opens its season against the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards.

It’s quite a change from a year ago when the Sox were coming off a last place season, but ended up going 20 and 10 in in their first 30 games.


Firefighter Michael Kennedy and Lt. Ed Walsh (Photos from Facebook/City of Boston)

Share Your Messages For Fallen Boston Firefighters

Please share your messages and well-wishes for the firefighters’ family and friends, and for the department.



Daily Talker: Girl Kept Out Of School For Shaving Head

A 9-year-old student in Colorado who shaved her head to support her friend during a battle with cancer will be allowed to go back to school.

The Caprock Academy school board in Grand Junction, Colorado voted 3-1 to let Kamryn Renfro return to class without a week, despite breaking the public charter school’s strict dress code. Board members said administrators were correct to not let her go to class until the school until they were able to vote on a personal exception for her.



Daily Talker: Defamation Lawsuit Threat Over Yelp Review

A man from New York City is being threatened with a lawsuit over a review he posted on Yelp.

Matthew Brand went to Ron Gordon Watch Repair in Manhattan after reading Yelp’s online reviews. When he wasn’t thrilled with the service, he posted his own review in April of 2013.



Daily Talker: Father Files Restraining Order Against Son’s Alleged Bully

A father in Northern California got fed up with his 9-year-old son being bullied at school, so he filed for a restraining order against the alleged 9-year-old bully, and got it.

“Apparently the little boy ran around the track, came back and punched my son in the face,” said Stephen Feuder. When the school district refused to do anything about it, he asked a judge for a restraining order against the boy, which was granted.



Daily Talker: Is “Assassin Game” Going Too Far?

One or more students could face misdemeanor charges in Merrimack, New Hampshire because of a high school tradition that some say went too far.

Every year, seniors at Merrimack High School play a game called senior assassins, where students stalk each other for their chance to shoot each other with water guns. This week, police got involved after a student backed out of his driveway and rammed another student’s car.



Daily Talker: How Should Parents Be Held Responsible For Kids’ Weight?

The average six-year-old child weights about 46 pounds. A boy from a town in Colombia named Santiago Mendoza already weighs that much, but he is only eight months old.

Santiago’s mother, Eunice Fandiño, sought the help of a charity that tackles obesity in Colombia after she noticed the baby had problems moving about due to his weight.