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Daily Talker: To Snoop Or Not To Snoop

A group of experts has released new recommendations for parents, urging them not to snoop on their children’s mobile phones or internet use. Do you agree that parents should not snoop on their children’s social media life?


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Daily Talker: Dangerous Distraction?

Two new studies have found that voice-activated smartphones and dashboard infotainment systems may making the distracted-driving problem worse instead of better. Do voice-activated systems help you when you are behind the wheel or are they a distraction?


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Daily Talker: Swings Too Dangerous?

Some schools in Washington state are removing swings from playgrounds because they are being called too dangerous. Insurance companies are worried about the liability. Do you agree with the decision to remove swings from playgrounds?


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Daily Talker: Toll Taker Talk

A New Jersey woman is filing a lawsuit claiming her First Amendment rights were violated when she claimed her supervisor told her to stop saying “God bless you” to drivers. First, do you agree that it is a violation of her rights to be told to not say “God bless you” to drivers? And, when you hand money to a toll taker, do you want them to say anything besides thank you?


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Daily Talker: Brady On Gillette Crowd

On Wednesday, Tom Brady was asked if he wished Gillette Stadium was as loud as the Chiefs stadium was last Monday night and he said sometimes the crowd isn’t great. What do you think about Tom Brady’s comments on the Gillette Stadium crowd?


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Daily Talker: NFL Player Celebrations

The NFL says it was wrong for a referee to penalize a Kansas City Chiefs player for unsportsmanlike conduct after the player knelt down in the end zone and prayed. What do you think? In light of that penalty, do you think the NFL is too strict on player celebrations?


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Daily Talker: Back Bay Canals?

A new report coming out later today suggests building canals in the Back Bay could absorb rising waters due to climate change. What do you think of the idea of building canals in the Back Bay to combat rising sea levels?


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Daily Talker: Wesleyan Frats Told To Admit Women

Officials at Wesleyan University in Connecticut have told fraternities that they must admit female members by 2017 or risk losing their recognition at the school. What do you think of the school’s decision to require fraternities to admit female members?



Daily Talker: Deadline For Protesting Market Basket Employees To Return To Work

Friday is the latest deadline set by Market Basket for employees who walked off the job at the company’s headquarters and warehouse to return to work, or risk losing their jobs. They’ve been protesting for four weeks, demanding the reinstatement of former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas.

This follows comments from Governor Deval Patrick on Wednesday, who spoke with the Board of Directors and with Arthur T, and said both sides are close to reaching a deal. He also said it’s within the power of protesting employees to stabilize the company by going back to work.



Daily Talker: Winners Of MassDOT Highway Sign Contest Announced

One Friday morning in May, drivers on metro Boston roads actually noticed the message on the electronic highway signs, when MassDOT poked a little fun at the local accent with the phrase, “Changing lanes? Use ya blinkah!”

It became a social media phenomenon, with people suggesting their own messages on Facebook and Twitter. So state highway officials decided to hold a contest, and give three winners gift cards for gas and service plaza vendors.

The Boston Globe reports the winners of the DOTSpeak Highway Safety Message Contest will be officially announced Thursday,





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