Curious About Rubber Faces Placed On Telephone PolesSince we've been inviting you to tell us what you're curious about, we've received a wide range of questions. This one left us baffled.
Curious About Getting Rid Of Junk MailMark in Somerville is curious if there is a way to stop companies from sending junk mail.
Curious About Replacing The Trees Along Rte. 128 Construction ZoneIf you drive along Route 128, it's hard to miss the spot in Waltham that has been bulldozed into a mess of mulch.
Curious About Push To Allow Medical Marijuana In Mass.Some people say medical marijuana is about helping people who are seriously ill, but others worry there's a potential for abuse. There's a new push to allow the drug in Mass. for medical uses.
Curious Whether Buying Organic Food Is Worth ItFor some people, eating better means buying organic, but how do you know what you're really getting?
Curious Whether The Penny Should Be Phased OutWith all of us watching every penny these days, some people say it's the penny that's a problem. Should we abolish the penny?
Curious About Who Pays for "Free" Phones?Who pays for those "free" cell phones from SafeLink? - Mark, Norwell
Curious About The Bath Tubs In Cialis CommercialsThose two bath tubs are certainly an iconic image in the world of advertising. They made Jane from Fitchburg curious about what they really mean.
Curious About Funding For Ad Criticizing Scott BrownAllan in Holbrook declared his curiosity. He writes that the ad targeting Scott Brown appears to be well funded. "Who is really behind these ads?"
Curious About Carpooling To Save MoneyJackie in Amesbury is Curious: "With gas prices rising every day, why don't we hear more about car pooling?”
Curious Who Was Last Runner To Cross Boston Marathon Finish LineWhile most of the world focused on the winners of the Boston Marathon, not everyone was racing to win. They simply wanted to finish.
Curious Why Birds Keep Flying Into WindowsAfter our long, tough winter, robins are a reassuring sign of spring. But they're also raising a question.