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Curious Who Pays For Pothole Damage

Who is responsible if your car becomes damaged by a pothole? You or the town/city where the pothole is? – Karen, W. Roxbury


Worcester (credit:

Curious About the 7 Hills

When your reporters broadcast from Worcester, especially in the winter, you always mention Worcester’s “Seven Hills.” Can you name them? – Diana, Worcester


(credit: AP)

Curious About Snowy Bus Stops

Who is responsible for cleaning snow at bus stops?


Curious About The Blonde Lady

What was the name of the blonde lady that was on with Jack Chase and Don Kent? She was from the Cape and you used to drag her out with her red cap when it snowed. – Bob, Newburyport


(credit: CBS)

Curious How To Teach Kids Meaning Of Holiday Season

How can you get kids to appreciate how lucky they really are this holiday season?


(credit: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Curious Why State Has Moratorium On Trash To Energy Plants

Some people say, let’s use trash to create power. But in Massachusetts, it’s not easy.


(credit: AP)

Curious About Wind

What time of day is the wind usually the lightest?


(credit: AP)

Curious Why Mass. Voters Don’t Need ID

Every Election Day there’s concern from voters about fraud so how come voters don’t have to show ID?



Curious Why People Run For Political Office

Political candidates can spend millions of dollars on a campaign, but the job doesn’t pay nearly as much.


Joe Joyce, WBZ-TV meteorologist

Beyond The Forecast: Winter Curiosity

Do fuzzy caterpillars, bushy squirrel tails, and many acorns mean a harsh winter?