Credit: Debit Or Credit?When you go to pay for something do you hand the cashier your credit card or your debit card?
Credit: Too Much Of A Good ThingA cashless society is closer than you think. Cashiers can’t make change.
Credit: Your Credit ScoreCredit scores are a quick and easy method for a creditor to judge you as a potential customer.
Credit: Credit ReportsWhen was the last time you checked your credit report?
The First Timer's Guide To Getting A Small Business LoanFundera Editor-In-Chief Meredith Wood lends some advice to small business business owners seeking credit for the first time.
Credit Myths: Closing Unused Credit Cards Will Increase My Credit ScoreClosing unused credit cards accounts certainly will streamline your finances making them more manageable, but closing an account could lower your total credit line.
Credit Myths: Automatic Bill Paying/Never Miss A PaymentAutomatic bill paying is a great way to have your bills paid on time and it saves you time.
The Other New Year: Your Credit ReportI would bet that getting a copy of your free credit report has been on your to-do list for several years now but you just haven’t gotten around to doing it.
Overdraft ProtectionBanks love it when you opt into overdraft protection on your checking account.
Living Without CreditI read an article that advocated living on a cash basis, but without a credit history you will have trouble qualifying for a car loan, a mortgage or renting an apartment.
Is There Enough Money For Mom’s Lifestyle?According to the National Council on Aging, more than 13 million older adults are considered economically insecure, living on less than $22,000 a year.
The Bank Of Mom & DadShould you loan or give your adult kids money?