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Thieves Steal Copper From NH Substations

Manchester, N.H., police say thieves who made off with copper ground wires at four electric utility substations are lucky they didn’t get electrocuted.


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Copper Theft Nearly Causes Laconia, NH Home To Explode

Firefighters in Laconia, N.H., say an unoccupied house was very close to exploding from a natural gas leak caused by thieves who stole copper piping in the basement.


Copper was stolen from a National Grid substation.

Haverhill Police Believe Copper Theft Suspect Is Injured Or Dead

Police are looking for whoever cut through a high voltage wire in Haverhill Wednesday afternoon.


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Fall River Bans Scrap Metal Sales Of Government-Issued Materials

A new measure is in effect in Fall River that tightens up the requirements for buying and selling scrap metal.


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Man Critically Burned Trying To Steal Copper?

A man who checked himself into Boston Medical Center over the weekend might have burned himself trying to steal copper.


Chris Sullivan, 35. (Photo credit: Manchester, New Hampshire Police)

Copper Pipe Theft Causes $3K Damage To NH Home

A man allegedly attempted to steal copper piping from a Manchester, New Hampshire home on Monday, causing $3,000 in damage.


Thieves took at least 18 of these markers from the Mount Vernon Cemetery.

Coakley Wants Laws To Track Scrap Metal Sales

Stealing metal such as copper or brass from abandoned houses has become big business.


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Milford Water Co. Slow To Notify Residents About Contamination

Milford residents were recently informed that an equipment failure and a failure to fix it led to months of elevated levels of copper and lead.