Commonwealth Shakespeare Company

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Five Reasons To Visit Boston This Summer

Head outside for a hike, relax on the beach or catch an outdoor show. Here are five good reasons to visit Boston this summer.


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Best Shakespeare In Boston

You’ll find Shakespeare mixed into the seasons of many of Boston’s theaters—from its warhorses to its community projects—but these picks will bring you regular and reliable doses of the Bard all year long, whether you’re a connoisseur or you’re looking to finally overcome whatever dread of Elizabethan English your high school English teacher may have instilled in you.

CBS Boston–10/24/2010


Best Alcohol-Free Entertainment In Boston

Entertainment doesn’t always have to include alcohol. To prove this point, Boston has some of the best alcohol-free entertainment that money can buy. But the best part is, some of its free of charge as […]

CBS Boston–10/19/2010