All About 529 PlansCollege is expensive. And many wonder if it is worth the cost. I believe it is!
The 529 College Savings PlanCollege is a good investment and could be worth well over a $1 million dollars to your kiddo.
Saving For College With 529 PlansCollege savings plans can now be set up so that the money is invested in mutual funds and grows tax deferred.
Beating Those Barriers To Your Financial SuccessThere are many obstacles you will encounter while trying to achieve your financial goals.
Financial Goals For Families With Teenagers Life has kept you so busy you’ve had no time to think about the lofty goals you made 17 years ago when your first child was born.
Having Children Can Change Your Financial GoalsBabies change your goals. Instead of a Prius you are thinking van.
How To Save On Lunch And SnacksPacking lunches. It is quicker than stopping somewhere and a lot less expensive.
Review Your Mutual Fund Annual Statement Mutual fund companies send out annual statements the end of January. My strong recommendation here is to take the time to review them.
The Landmines Of LifeThere are certainly some financial obstacles you may face as you live life.
Financial Goals For Single Parents With ChildrenFifty percent of marriages still end in divorce. So how will you survive financially as a single parent?
Money Matters - Money Goals For Families: Single Parent With ChildrenSo often we start as a couple, have one or two children and then the blush is off the rose and we divorce.
Money Matters - Saving For College: US Savings BondsThe US Savings Bond Program was the first program available to offer any kind of a tax break for parents trying to save for college, but now there are better alternatives available.