Climate Change Is Making Your Allergies WorseThe American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology says climate change is causing allergy seasons to last longer.
Scientists Say Chocolate May Be Extinct By 2050Scientists are forecasting that climate change may force the plants that produce chocolate into extinction by 2050.
15,000 Scientists From All Over The World Issue 'Warning To Humanity'Over 15,000 scientists issued a warning about the growing impact of climate change and the possibility of an extinction-level event in the near future.
Keller @ Large: Time To Take Climate Change SeriouslyJon says if this season of horrendous storms isn't a wakeup call to drop the politics and take climate change seriously, what will it take?
New Miss America Not Afraid To Say Trump Is Wrong On Climate ChangeCara Mund is not worried that she may begin her year-long reign as Miss America by starting a Twitter war with the nation's Tweeter-In-Chief.
Fall Could Be Warmer Than Usual, According To ReportSome meteorologists believe this fall is going to be warmer than usual across the country, due to climate change and a ridging atmosphere.
Harvard Study: Clean Air Can Have Deadly Consequences There is a lot of talk about climate change but we often forget that the same pollutants warming the earth are also making it hard for us to breathe. 
Debate Heats Up Over Teaching Climate Change In SchoolsConservative lawmakers, climate change doubters and others are attempting to push rejected or debunked theories into the classroom.
Massachusetts Businesses Taking Climate Change SeriouslySetting the pace to be climate conscious has been going on in Massachusetts for decades.
How Boston's Preparing For Rising Sea LevelsA team of researchers mapped out what’s at risk.
Paris Climate Decision Could Accelerate Damage To Trump PropertiesSevere damage may come sooner rather than later if the U.S. abandons the international agreement aimed at curbing emissions of heat-trapping gases that cause climate change.
Gov. Baker Commits Massachusetts To U.S. Climate AllianceRepublican Gov. Charlie Baker says Massachusetts is joining a coalition of states vowing to uphold the Paris climate accord.