Chris Christie

Passenger Removed From Boston-Bound Flight Gov. Christie Was AboardGov. Chris Christie was traveling from San Francisco to Boston when a passenger had to be removed from the plane before takeoff.
Keller @ Large: Learn From Mistakes Of OthersEverybody makes mistakes in life, and the best that can be said for them is they can be learned from.
New Hampshire Republican Voters Are Relishing Crowded FieldFor New Hampshire Republicans, the early days of the 2016 presidential campaign feel like an embarrassment of riches.
Gov. Chris Christie Talks Possible Presidential Run In New HampshireChristie proposed an income cap on Social Security.
Mitt Romney Sparks New 2016 Competition Among GOP EstablishmentRomney could shake up the GOP field in 2016.
Christie's Boston Fundraiser Criticized By DemsNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie pressed ahead on a national fundraising tour Thursday, but kept a low profile during a brief Boston appearance that attracted GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and intense criticism from Democrats.
Keller @ Large: When Ego Overwhelms Common SenseLet this stand as exhibit A of what happens when a pol’s ego overwhelms his common sense,
Republican National Committee Arrives In BostonThe Republican National Committee is arriving in Boston for its summer meeting.
Ex-Sen. Brown To Host Event For NJ Gov. ChristieFormer U.S. Sen. Scott Brown and other top Massachusetts Republicans are hosting a fundraiser for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.
Opinion: Chris Christie Is In The Wrong BusinessNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie is obviously in the wrong business. He is becoming more of a television celebrity by the minute and getting much better reviews as a television performer than as governor.
Opinion: Ten Reasons Mitt Romney Lost The ElectionToday, Republicans feel a combination of confusion, disbelief, and anger as to how a slim majority of Americans can possibly want four more years of the Obama administration in the White House. To many, it seems inconceivable that people want to take a chance on more of the same.
Opinion: On Election Eve Major Concerns About DisenfranchisementFrom Florida and Ohio early vote disasters with long lines to power outages in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York there are doubts that some people will have the opportunity to participate in this election.
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