Scientists Say Chocolate May Be Extinct By 2050Scientists are forecasting that climate change may force the plants that produce chocolate into extinction by 2050.
Christmas Brings Chocolate Poisoning Warning For DogsVets, writing in the journal Veterinary Record, say Christmas and Easter are the most dangerous times of the year for pets to fall ill from eating chocolate.
Eating Chocolate For Breakfast Has Health Benefits, Studies FindThe report on 2017 food trends looked at the positive effects of eating dessert, especially dark chocolate, can have on the body and the brain.
Chocolate May Help Prevent An Irregular Heartbeat, Study SaysScientists are suggesting that chocolate can help curb the risk of developing an irregular heartbeat.
Snortable Chocolate Advertised As Drug-Free Way To Get BuzzThere’s a new way to get your chocolate fix – by snorting it.
Chocolate Might Lower Risk Of Irregular Heartbeat, Study FindsHere's an excuse to include chocolate in your diet.
Phantom Gourmet: Chocolate Mint Taste TestPhantom recently purchased four packages of chocolate mints at a local supermarket. The refreshing contenders were After Eight, Andes, Ghirardelli, and Haviland.
Trouble Sleeping? Try Dark Chocolate, Study SuggestsAn ingredient in dark chocolate may help regulate the body's internal clock.
Chocolate Is Good For The Brain, New Study FindsThis news should make just about everybody happy.
During Pregnancy, Tylenol May Increase Kids' Asthma Risk , Chocolate May Be BeneficialThere's evidence that taking Tylenol during pregnancy or giving it to young infants could increase a child’s risk of developing asthma by age 3.
Cheap Cupid: A Sweet ToothValentine’s Day is synonymous with chocolate and chocolate is big business!
Chocolate Is The Best Cure For A Cough, Expert SaysA British doctor says people with sore throats got better faster with chocolate medicine.