Elevated Levels Of Chemical Found In Maynard Drinking Water May Pose Risk To Pregnant Women, InfantsElevated levels of a chemical found in Maynard's drinking water may pose a risk to infants, pregnant women and women who may become pregnant, town officials say.
MBTA To Hold Chemical Release Emergency Response DrillThe MBTA is sharpening its skills when it comes to responding to a chemical release in a subway station.
Residents Shelter In Place Following Chemical Spill In WrenthamOfficials are on the scene of a chemical spill in a greenhouse in Wrentham.
5 Taken To Beverly Hospital Complained Of Irritation From Cleaning SolutionDanvers Firefighters say a cleaning person was using a spray bottle of cleaner that they always use in a patients room around 4 pm at the Hunt Rehab Center.
Potentially Hazardous Chemical Sends Three Workers To Hospital In DracutThree workers were taken to the hospital on Tuesday after possibly being exposed to a hazardous chemical.
Worcester Spraying 95,000 Trees To Kill Asian Longhorn BeetlesFederal officials say more than 95,000 trees in the Worcester area are in line for chemical treatment this spring in the ongoing battle against the invasive Asian longhorned beetle.