Charlie Card

Charlie Card

Medford Man Accused Of Making Counterfeit Charlie Cards

A Medford man is accused of creating nearly $200,000 worth of counterfeit Charlie Cards.


(Photo from: Sesame Ring/Kickstarter)

Start-Up Creates Ring That Doubles As Your MBTA Charlie Card

Some MIT students have come up with a project that will make it easier to hop on the T.



Crackdown Of MBTA Fare Evaders Nets Results

In just 45 minutes at Back Bay Station, MBTA Transit Police Officers wrote four tickets for fare evasion.


Charlie the MBTA mascot near Fenway Park.

MBTA Charlie Card Mascot Visits Boston Landmarks

Charlie, the MBTA’s new life-size mascot, hit the streets of Boston on Wednesday.


Curious Why Some 'T' Conductors Don't Collect Fare

Some passengers say the MBTA is giving out free rides at a time when the agency is struggling with a multi-billion dollar debt. Linda from West…