International Trips You Can Do In A WeekendMany international destinations close to home may prove to be a better option than South Beach or Miami. Among the best international trips that can be done in a weekend are the Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Montreal and Vancouver.
Patriots Sign Brockton Native, Northeastern Alum Jason VegaThe New England Patriots officially announced the signing of defensive lineman Jason Vega on Tuesday morning.
NightSide Weekend Commentary - Dan Rea Supports Traditional Light BulbsJust who's bright idea was it to make us buy CFL bulbs?
What If They Break?Not too long ago, there was a push to rid our homes of thermometers containing mercury. Now, we're being pushed to use compact fluorescent lightbulbs that contain mercury. This seems a contradiction. I am uncomfortable using a lightbulb that requires me to take special measures to dispose. I'm concerned about having these in my home. What are homeowners supposed to do if one breaks? - Joan, Haverhill
Curious About CFL Light Bulb CleanupWhile I was vacationing in Florida, I saw a news report regarding the new fluorescent lights that will be replacing the incandescent bulbs. According to the report, these new bulbs contain mercury, but if they break we're simply to sweep up the remains and deposit them in the trash. Isn't this dangerous? We've all seen the commercial "Don't put mercury in the trash" regarding old batteries. - Mike, Milford