Center for Coastal Studies

A humpback whale saved off the Provincetown coast on Saturday. (CCS image Taken Under NOAA Permit #18786.)

Entangled Humpback Whale Freed Off Provincetown Coast

A Marine Animal Entanglement Response team freed an entangled humpback whale off the Provincetown coast on Saturday.


Rescuers work to free a whale entangled near Martha's Vineyard (CCS image under NOAA permit # 18786)

Entangled Minke Whale Freed South Of Martha’s Vineyard

A 15-foot minke whale was rescued 40 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard Sunday after being entangled in fishing gear for three days.


A Coast Guard crew worked with the Center for Coastal Studies to free a leatherback turtle tangled in lines. (Photo courtesy of U.S. Coast Guard)

Coast Guard Teams Up With Center For Coastal Studies In Turtle Rescue

Coast Guard crews and the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown worked together to free a leatherback turtle Saturday after it was entangled in lines outside Buzzards Bay.


Rescuers disentangled a large sea turtle off Cape Cod. (Photo courtesy Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies)

Rescuers Save Large Sea Turtle Off Cape Cod

Animal rescuers say they have disentangled a large leatherback sea turtle that was trapped in fishing gear off of Cape Cod.


A small whale was rescued 10 miles off Provincetown. (CCS Image/NOAA Permit  932-1905)

Small Whale Freed From Rope, Buoy Off Provincetown

A minke whale found entangled in rope, ten miles outside of Boston Harbor.