Woman Distracted By Phone Falls Into Sidewalk CellarA New Jersey woman distracted by her cellphone was injured when she fell over open basement access doors and fell 6 feet into the opening.
Supreme Court Requires Warrant For Cellphone SearchesPreviously, police did not need a warrant to search a suspect's cellphone.
MBTA To Fire Drivers Found Carrying CellphonesThe MBTA is toughening its cellphone policy for drivers, saying any bus or train operator would face dismissal for carrying a phone or other electronic device on the job even if it is not being used.
Injured Himalayan Climber Gets Help From Boston-Based Global RescueAmerican researcher Dr. John All used his cellphone to capture the frightening moments after he fell seventy feet into a Himalayan mountainside. The phone also helped him to survive.
NH Senate Passes Ban On Hand-Held Cell Phones While DrivingHand-held cellphone use would be banned while driving in New Hampshire in mid-2015 under a bill passed by the Senate.
Keller @ Large: It's Time To Ban Cell Phones While DrivingNormally I’d say, back off Beacon Hill, let us make the call. But that’s the problem.
Cellphone Alert System AnnouncedAn emergency alert system that will send messages to cellphones during disasters could have been used to warn New Yorkers of the tornadoes that hit the city last year, city officials said Tuesday.