Don't Use Your Phone In The Bathroom, Doctors WarnThe CDC notes that talking on your phone spreads germs from your respiratory system onto the screen, some of which can cause the flu.
Senate Bill Calls For Hands-Free Cellphone Use By DriversThe Massachusetts Senate is considering a bill that would require drivers to put down their cellphones while behind the wheel.
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Mass. Police Launch Distracted Driving CrackdownState and local police across Massachusetts have launched a crackdown on texting behind the wheel and other forms of distracted driving.
Senate Backs Ban On Hand-Held Cellphones While DrivingA bill that would require drivers in Massachusetts to put down their cellphones while behind the wheel has won approval in the state Senate.
Mass. Senate To Consider Ban On Hand-Held Cell Phones While DrivingMotorists in Massachusetts may soon have to put down their cellphones when they're on the road.
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Majority Of Travelers Opposed To Allowing Cell Phone Conversations On PlanesPassengers at Logan Airport are hoping an FCC plan to allow in flight cell phone calls gets grounded.