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Cell Phone

(Photo credit Franko Lee/AFP/Getty Images)

New App Reads Texts Aloud While You Drive

It’s dangerous and it’s against the law, still some people simply can’t resist texting while driving. Now there is an App that can help you stay connected and keep your eyes on the road.


White iPhone

Apple: White iPhone 4 Delayed Until Spring

Apple says the elusive white iPhone 4 will remain out of reach until spring.


Taylor Pyatt, Tuukka Rask

Curious About All Those Fees On Bills

Taxes and fees bug all of us, but do you ever look closely at some of your bills? Bob from Billerica does, and he doesn’t like what he sees. He…


(credit: ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Curious About Harmful Effects Of Cell Phones

Almost all of us own cell phones, and a lot of people seem to have them glued to their ears. That’s why there’s a continuing concern about the tiny…


Celebrities At Red Sox Games

Consumers Curious About Paying For Bills

Paying a bill, to get a bill? That’s what one cell phone company has been telling its’ customers they’ll need to do. And Evelyn from Lexington is not…


New England Patriots v New York Jets

'Curious' About Cell Phone Dangers At Gas Stations

Using a cell phone at the wheel could kill us, but we do it anyway. Oh, but tell us a cell phone could kill us at the gas station and we listen. WBZ…


When Will Wes Welker Return?

New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker joined Felger & Massarotti Thursday to talk about his rehabilitation and the Wes Welker Football Camp. The always cynical Felger theorizes that Bill Belichick has his finger on […]




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