Catch Limits


Feds Officially Announce Proposed Cuts To Fishing Catch Limits

Federal fisheries managers have officially announced proposed cuts in catch limits that they acknowledge will devastate the New England fleet.


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Regulators Approve Massive Cuts To Cod Catch Limits

New England’s fishing regulators have approved massive cuts in cod catch limits that fishermen say will trigger the collapse of the industry.


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NOAA: New England Fishermen Face Crippling Catch Limit Cuts

New England’s top fishing regulator says crippling new catch limits are coming and they will devastate what remains of the region’s fishing industry.



Dogfish Catch Limit Increased For New England Fishermen

Regulators are again increasing the catch limit on the spiny dogfish, a species fishermen have long said is far too abundant.


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Fishermen, Environmentalists & Regulators To Meet Over Yellowtail Catch Limits

A group assembled to find ways to help fishermen survive an 80-percent cut in the yellowtail flounder catch on George Bank is meeting next week.


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Officials Consider Protections For Small Boat Fishermen

Rulemakers who protect New England’s fish stocks are considering ways to make sure the small boat fishermen who chase them don’t vanish in the meantime.


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Feds Propose Raising Fishing Limit On Sea Scallop Catch

Federal fisheries managers have proposed raising the limit on the lucrative sea scallop catch.


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Feds To Examine Economic Impact Of Fishing Catch Limits

The U.S. Commerce Department said Wednesday that it’s sending experts to six Northeast ports in April to identify the financial fallout caused by federal fishing rules.


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Local Fishermen Make A Case Against Federal Fishing Regulations

The fishing ports of Gloucester and New Bedford will make their case in federal court that key parts of new fishing regulations are illegal and should be struck down.


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Sen. Kerry Wants Disaster Declaration For Fishermen

Sen. John Kerry is urging the federal government to declare a disaster for the Massachusetts fishing industry and raise catch limits that many fishermen claim are too low for them to make a living.