Former FBI agent John Connolly, file image (credit: AP)

Former FBI Agents Want AG To Review John Connolly Case

Disgraced FBI Agent John Connolly is getting some support from his former co-workers.


Julie Enos had her camera stolen, including two memory cards that held hundreds of pictures of her deceased husband.

Brockton Widow Hopes Thief Will Return Picture Memory Cards

Julie Enos’ husband died last year and last weekend her camera was stolen from her car, including two memory cards with hundreds of pictures of her husband that she shows her young sons when they ask for him.


Afternoon Headlines 9/16/10

Prosecutors have formally dropped their case against a man who committed suicide in his jail cell while awaiting trial on charges of killing a masseuse he met through Craigslist.


Bob Schieffer

WBZ’s Ed Walsh and CBS’s Bob Schieffer talk about the Shirley Sherrod case.


Pending spy swap

WBZ’s Ed Walsh talks with ABC’s Steven Portnoy about the Russian spy case.