Former State Rep. Henriquez Released From Jail The former state representative convicted on two assault charges was released from jail Wednesday.
Mass. House Expels Rep. Carlos HenriquezThe Massachusetts House voted to expel jailed state Rep. Carlos Henriquez on Thursday — something that has not happened in the chamber for nearly a century.
Keller @ Large: Rep. Carlos Henriquez, We'll Be ListeningWhat he says had better be more persuasive than what he’s been saying.
Convicted State Rep. Taken To Statehouse Meeting In HandcuffsA state representative convicted of assaulting his girlfriend has been brought to the Massachusetts Statehouse in handcuffs.
Keller @ Large: Remorse Is A Powerful ThingWhen someone commits a serious offense, it is expected that, once caught, the perp will, if he or she wants rehabilitation or mercy, show genuine remorse.
State Rep. Carlos Henriquez Convicted Of Assaulting Woman In 2012A Massachusetts state representative was convicted Wednesday on two counts of assault and battery on a woman he once dated.
Girlfriend Of State Rep. Carlos Henriquez: 'I Was Assaulted'The woman who claims a Massachusetts state representative assaulted her early Sunday morning said Wednesday that she has been telling the truth and has "done nothing wrong."
State Rep. Carlos Henriquez: Assault Allegations 'Completely Untrue'A first-term state representative from Boston charged with assault and kidnapping was released on $1,000 bail Monday.
State Rep. Carlos Henriquez Arrested For Domestic AssaultMassachusetts State Rep. Carlos Henriquez was arrested Sunday morning for domestic assault.