Cardinal Law

Cardinal Bernard Law. (Photo credit ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP/Getty Images)

Report: Archdiocese Of Boston Misused Donations

A new report by The Economist says the Archdiocese of Boston, under Cardinal Law, misused donations that were intended for clergy pensions.


(WBZ NewsRadio Contributor)

Some Things Are Forever !!!

Oh sure, the church will “buy” its way out of some of its troubles, and those at Penn State will hire some of the highest priced lawyers and PR agencies in the country to try and right the twisted ship but I repeat…….the damage is done and the image and destiny of both examples is changed forever. Forever!!!


(WBZ NewsRadio Contributor)

Just Some Gary Grumbling !!

Who said the Patriots played a great game against the Giants…..including defense…..until the 4th quarter? I beg to differ. I watched that game from start to finish and as far as I’m concerned, Belichick should have a little talk with Francona and ask him what it’s like.