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I-Team: Drivers Say Insurance Device Put Them In Danger On The Road

The I-Team found a growing number of consumers have complained that a popular program ended up costing them money, or even put them in danger on the road.



Car Insurance Companies Offer High Tech Ways For Discounts

More car insurance companies are offering a high tech way to get a discount.


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19 Most Popular Auto Insurance Discounts

When was the last time that you shopped around for auto insurance?


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I-Team: 22,000 Case Backlog To Appeal Insurance Surcharge In Mass.

The I-Team found there is a nine month wait for motorists who want to appeal to a special state board.


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WBZ Listeners Chime In With Ideas On How To Save More Money

You can save on everything, from life insurance to the cable bill.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–09/14/2012

Safety Insurance gave Evelyn Cartright more than $180 back.

Dorchester Woman Wins Fight Against Insurance Company Over Rate Hike

A Dorchester woman got fed up with her insurance company and decided to fight back.


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Dumb And Dumber Money Moves: Driving

Gas prices are going up. One of the GOP candidates said he would keep gas at $2.50 a gallon.

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