Campaign Donations

Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray (Photo: Eric Haynes / Governor's Office)

Report: Murray Plans To Keep Nearly $500K In Campaign Donations

Despite his decision not to run for Massachusetts governor in 2014, Lt. Gov. Tim Murray has no plans to return close to a half million dollars he managed to raise for a possible campaign, according to a report.


Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson (Photo by Aaron Tam/AFP/Getty Images)

Opinion: Why Is China’s Largest Foreign Investor Spending So Much Money On Our Elections?

Sheldon Adelson, the largest foreign investor in China, has invested tens of millions of dollars in influencing the 2012 election and has vowed to spend $100 million to put his thumb on the scale for Mitt Romney in November.


Essex County Sheriff Frank Cousins

I-Team: Essex County Sheriff Changes Fundraising Practices

Sheriff Frank Cousins has made some big changes in the way he raises campaign money just days after the I-Team exposed some questionable practices.


Senator Scott Brown. (credit: TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Scott Brown Reaps Out-Of-State Campaign Donations

As he gears up for what could be a long and costly re-election fight next year, freshman U.S. Sen. Scott Brown is reaching out to donors in all 50 states to bulk up his campaign coffers.



Looking at the Law

WBZ’s Neil Chayet talks about campaign finance laws.