What If The NFL Were Like European Soccer And Had A Loan System?The Raiders borrow Andrew Luck, the Lions borrow Mike Evans, and the Packers borrow Josh Norman: These are just a few of the possibilities if American Football embraced soccer's loan system.
Thursday Night Breakdown: Saints, Panthers Play For NFC South RelevanceThe Saints and Panthers can still contend for the playoffs in a diminished NFC South. But both teams need a win Thursday.
Lawrence: What Have You Done For Me Lately?The Carolina Panthers, 15-1 and NFC champions last season, are 1-4 and in danger of letting the season slip away from them.
Keidel: Headaches For Cam NewtonPanthers quarterback Cam Newton, NFL MVP, still doesn't get calls from refs. How many questionable hits did the Broncos deliver last night?
The NFL Should Be Embarrassed At How Cam Newton's Brutal Night Was Handled [VIDEOS]The Broncos got away with several helmet hits on Cam Newton, who wasn't even tested for a concussion.
Can Cam Become A Super Bowl-Winning Quarterback?Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is a character on the football field. But does he have enough character to win a Super Bowl title?
Outrage Ensues On Twitter After Tom Brady Ranked Behind Cam Newton On NFL Top 100Fans on Twitter expressed their utter disgust at Brady finishing second place behind Newton.
Bill Burr: When Calling Peyton Manning Ugly Goes Wrong" ... then somebody picked it up and they presented it like I was on 'Meet The Press.'
Hot Take Police: People Love Rob Gronkowski Because He's White, Lambaste Cam Newton Because He's BlackDespite the trip being a presumably harmless gathering of willing participants, somebody has found a problem with it.
Yankees Tell Players To Act Like Russell Wilson, Not Cam Newton, In Front Of MediaFor years, the Yankees' policy for players has included rules about having no beards and no long hair. Now it seems as though the team would like players to have no personality, either.
Can Cam And The Panthers Contend Again?The Panthers will have the pieces to contend next season. But they'll need Cam Newton, their big-game quarterback, to be a big-time leader.
Cam Newton Fights Back Against Super Bowl Criticism, But QB Still Wrong About Fumble RecoveryOn Tuesday morning in Charlotte, Cam Newton spoke, an action which will further fan the flames of the national discussion and debate about his effort and maturity levels.

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