Cable Access

D.A. Live Chat NOW Yep, I’m hosting a live chat. Today at 3p you need to be in front of your desks at work wasting time or at home with a glass of Tang by your side. I’m […]


D.A. vs The Gates BBQ guy

Yep, I wore a top hat a tux to John in Medford’s cable access show. Does that make me crazy? Only if you don’t appreciate the attire of two centuries ago roaming TV studios in […]


Doctor Says: DA on John In Medford's Show

First came the presentation of a 200 year old tuxedo and bow tie. Then, shocking many on hand, I presented the top hat, that has become a tradition in my family of medical doctors, to […]


DA on John in Medford's Cable Access TV Show

Tune in tonight for the complete recap of this major broadcasting milestone.