Michael Moore And Mayor Quan....No Cure For Stupidity I get the feeling if she wasn't the mayor she would have been out there as part of the 99% crowd herself, tossing rocks and setting fires, but no.......she was in her home sending Tweets to the urban rioters telling them to "cut it out....and call me...call me.... so we can talk." Mayor Quan is one dumb incompetent woman and once again we can say...."only in California."
Only In San Francisco, California.......Actually I have to concede up front....that posting title of "only in California" is a typical overstatement on my part, but often times as I visit some of the crunchy-granola, beautiful-people, lefty-looney locales in this country, I'm forever taken back by the dynamics of these destinations. The beauty of a San Francisco for example is magnificent.