Bridgewater State University

Judith Ritacco in court, April 9, 2015. (WBZ-TV)

Former Bridgewater Day Care Director Held On $25,000 Bail

The former director of Bridgewater State University’s day care center was ordered held on $25,000 bail Thursday in connection with a child rape investigation.


Judith Ritacco, former director of BSU Children's Center. (WBZ-TV)

Former Bridgewater State Day Care Director Arrested

The former director of Bridgewater State University’s day care center has been arrested after a student was charged with rape.



Bridgewater State Day Care Announces Changes In Aftermath Of Rape Arrest

Officials at the Bridgewater State University day care center have announced several changes at the facility after a student worker was recently arrested for allegedly raping a pair of young boys.



Parents ‘Not Getting Answers’ In Bridgewater State Child Rape Investigation

Parents of children who attended a day care at Bridgewater State say they’re not getting much information from the school after a student worker there was charged with raping two boys.


Bridgewater State Children's Center (WBZ-TV)

Bridgewater State Administrator Suspended After Student Charged With Rape

A Bridgewater State University student is accused of raping two boys at a campus day care.


Kyle Loughlin. (WBZ-TV)

Police Report: Bridgewater State Student Admits Raping 2 Boys

A police report released Thursday revealed disturbing details about a Bridgewater State student charged with raping two young boys at a campus day care center.


Kyle Loughlin (WBZ-TV)

Bridgewater State Student Charged With Raping Children At Day Care

A Bridgewater State University student has been charged with raping two children at a campus-run day care.


Bridgewater State University

Bridgewater State Student Newspaper Under Fire For Publishing Rape Victim Name

The student newspaper staff at Bridgewater State University has come under fire for its decision to publish the name of a rape victim who spoke at a public rally against sexual violence.


Bridgewater State University

Missing Bridgewater State Student Found In Chicago

A missing Brockton man has been found in Chicago.


Bridgewater State University students listen to a speaker at Tuesday's rally. (Photo by Ben Parker)

Bridgewater State Students Rally For Attack Victim

Hundreds of Bridgewater State University students staged an on-campus rally in support of a student journalist Tuesday afternoon.