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State: Small Percentage Of Breath Tests Invalid

State officials say there is no evidence breath test machines used to test for drunken driving in Massachusetts are working improperly.


Breathalyzer. (WBZ-TV)

3 More District Attorneys Suspend Breathalyzer Test Evidence

Three more Massachusetts district attorney’s offices are taking action in light of questions about the reliability of Breathalyzer tests administered during drunken driving investigations.



Breathalyzer Problems Put Drunk Driving Cases In Jeopardy

Drunk driving cases and convictions in Massachusetts could be thrown out after problems with breathalyzer tests.



Belmont High To Use Breathalyzers On Students Suspected Of Drinking At School Events

Belmont High administrators may soon be able to perform breathalyzer tests on students if they suspect they are drunk at school or at school events.


Boston Police officer Richard Jeanetti

Boston Police Officer Arraigned On Charges From Hyde Park Crash

A Boston Police officer exposed by the WBZ-TV I-Team was arraigned Friday on charges stemming from a car crash in May that seriously injured a woman.


Boston Police officer Richard Jeanetti

I-Team: Boston Police Officer Involved In Hyde Park Crash Facing OUI Charges

A Boston police officer exposed by the WBZ-TV I-Team is now facing criminal charges.


Brianna O’Neill was nearly killed in an accident involving an off-duty Boston Police officer.

I-Team: Woman Nearly Killed In Crash With Off-Duty Boston Police Officer

A WBZ-TV I-Team investigation raises serious questions about Boston Police and how they handled a car crash involving one of their own officers. A woman was nearly killed in the crash.



Brockton Man Charged With Driving Drunk Nearly 5 Times Legal Limit

A Brockton man has been charged with driving so drunk he was nearly five times above the legal limit.


Orlando Pacheco was found passed out on the hood of his car in Westborough.

Lancaster Town Administrator Apologizes Over OUI Arrest

Lancaster’s Town Administrator Orlando Pacheco is apologizing after a WBZ-TV exclusive revealed pictures of him passed out on the hood of his car after he allegedly drove drunk.


Orlando Pacheco was found passed out on the hood of his car in Westborough.

Police Find Lancaster Town Manager Drunk, Passed Out On Car

Lancaster Town Administrator Orlando Pacheco was found passed out on the hood of his car back in August after he had too much to drink at a strip club.