Boston Red Sox

T&R Podcast: 7/26 Hour 1

On this hour of Toucher & Rich the guys talk about the Red Sox blow another lead, Tom Brady’s contract and The Male Bag.


Toucher and Rich Recap: 7/23/2010

Hour 1: Red Sox win 8-6 against the Mariners but almost blew a lead thanks to Papelbon and Delcarmen. Lackey nearly had a no-hitter. The guys talk about how Wallach hung up on Fred. We […]


Toucher and Rich Recap: 7/19/2010

Hour 1: Toucher, Rich and Wallach open the show by talking about the Red Sox lineup and cap, the British Open and the J Geils Band. Rich’s obsession with “Inception”- All weekend he has been […]


T&R Podcast: 7/19 Hour 2

On this hour of Toucher & Rich, Fred breaks down the weekend with his mother-in-law. They discuss the Red Sox and the Jon Lester interview.


T&R Podcast: 7/14 Hour 2

In hour 2 the guys take a listen to the newest Mel Gibson audio and many listeners call in with their takes. They also chat about what move the Red Sox could make heading toward […]


Toucher and Rich Recap: 7/08/2010

Hour 1: The guys talk about Lebron, where he might be going and his special on ESPN. They speculate whether there would be backlash if he was not donating money to charity. Male Bag Hour […]


Toucher and Rich Recap: 7/07/2010

Hour 1: Fred talks about closing on his new home and a bris for his son (the Jewish rite of circumcision performed on a male child on the eighth day of his life). Wallach notes […]


Toucher and Rich Recap 5/25

The Celtics lost their first game of the Eastern Conference Finals last night. There was a little controversy about the fourth quarter with 11 seconds left and Doc didn’t take a time-out. Wallach brings up […]


Toucher & Rich Podcast: 4/13/10

On today’s show: – The Red Sox season so far. – No charges filed against Ben Roethlisberger. – Milan Lucic on facing the Sabres in round 1 of the playoffs. – Fred’s trip to the […]


Toucher & Rich Podcast: 4/12/10

On today’s show: – Bruins make it to the playoffs. – Fred’s back zit. – Tiger Woods’ Masters performance. – Ask A Pink Hat.