Keller @ Large: Boston Phoenix Closure Leaves Huge VoidHopefully, someone or something will fill the void the Phoenix leaves. All of us should shudder to consider the alternative.
Boston Phoenix Closing After Decline In Ad RevenueThe Boston Phoenix, one of the New England's oldest alternative news and arts weekly newspaper, has ceased print publication after 47 years and is cutting 40 jobs immediately because of long-term decline in advertising revenues.
Boston Phoenix Will Morph Into Glossy MagazineOne of Boston's best known alternative publications is buffing up its image.
Keller @ Large: Chris Faraone Discusses Occupy MovementJon Keller recently sat down with The Boston Phoenix's Chris Faraone, who got a closeup look at the Occupy movement from the inside.
Boston Public Library Uploads Vintage Baseball PhotosThe Boston Public Library will publish over 2,800 rarely seen baseball photographs online starting on Friday, bringing baseball fans back to the Golden Days of America’s pastime.
Keller @ Large: Politicians Writing MemoirsJon Keller talks with David Bernstein from the Boston Phoenix about politicians writing memoirs.
Keller @ Large: Top Political Stories Of 2010A new year in politics means a new Congress, a new legislative agenda and a chance to put the troubles of 2010 behind us – for some people, at least.
The Koran, The Flight Attendant & Craigslist