Boston Marathon Weather Forecast: Wet, Gusty, And RawMarathon Monday will start off cloudy and drizzly, followed by scattered showers and heavier rain in the afternoon.
Marathon Monday Forecast Good News For Spectators, Not RunnersThe Boston Marathon forecast is a good news-bad news situation. Actually, if you're just going to watch the race it's nothing but great news.
Warming Up On Marathon MondayWe will be warm come Monday afternoon.
2016 Boston Marathon Weather Forecast - First LookTemperatures in Hopkinton will soar quickly into the 50's and 60's by mid-to-late morning.
Weather Up Through The Great Boston MarathonA sprawling high pressure system will control our weather for the next several days. It is a stretch of easy forecasting for a change after the veritable potpourri of recent weeks.
Boston Marathon Weather Forecast Update: No Major WorriesThe forecast for the Boston Marathon is not quite etched in stone yet.
Boston Marathon Forecast: Warmer Temperatures ExpectedThe forecast for the Boston Marathon seemed clear-cut Monday but I am not quite as highly confident of the specifics right now.
Boston Marathon Weather Forecast: 88 Degrees!This should be considered a dangerous situation for those running on Monday and any and all precautions should be taken to avoid dehydration and heat stroke.