Jay Talking Travel: Greece Episode Seven - Small Boats Of The Saronic GulfIn the Greek Islands, there is a sense that anyone her who wants to can own a little boat with a little cabin. I want one. I want a little boat, a scooter, and a tiny place on a small Greek Island like the one featured in this video. I REALLY do.
A Guide To The Head Of The Charles RegattaThe 2014 Head of the Charles Regatta will be held on the weekend of October 18-19. Races run from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Here's a guide if you're going.
The World's Biggest Ship GraveyardNouadhibou is an African sea town, whose shores serve as the final resting place for more than 300 ships. The rusted hulks that litter its coastal waters are considered an eyesore by many (go figure), but they've brought some unexpected benefits to the local community as well.
Boaters Ride Out Frigid Weather In CharlestownWith wind chills dipping well below zero, a boat does not seem the ideal place to spend the night. That is what dozens are doing in Charlestown.
Hurricane Sandy Could Threaten Winthrop's $17 Million Beach Restoration ProjectNo sooner had the town of Winthrop begun a long awaited project to reinforce Winthrop Beach, then Hurricane Sandy threatened the New England coastline.
Small Boat Crash Sends Woman Into Water In CharlestownA woman ended up in the water after a passenger boat rear-ended another one Wednesday at the Mystic Fuel Dock in Charlestown.
Debate Brews Over Ethanol Percentage In GasEnvironmental Protection Agency approved increasing the amount of ethanol to 15%.
Barn Collapses On Cars, Boats, RVs In SpencerCollectible cars are among causalities of a roof collapse at the Spencer Fairgrounds blamed on snow and ice.
I-Team: Private Businesses Oversee Public Property