Pet Parade: Birds From The MSPCA

Pet Parade went to the birds Sunday morning.


Pelican (Photo from Mass Audubon)

Hurricane Sandy Brings Birds From Florida, Arctic To New England

They’re not supposed to be here, birds from Europe, the arctic and the southern states, blown here by the heavy winds of Superstorm Sandy.


The birds on Gail Kansky's deck in Hull. (Photo by Aaron Strader)

Hull Says Homeowner’s Bird Feeder Is A Health Hazard

There are so many birds on Gail Kansky’s deck in Hull the town says it has become a health hazard.


(credit: Thinkstock)

Pick-A-Side: Which Is Your Favorite Thing About Spring?

The days are longer, the flowers bloom and cookouts are back in season. What’s your favorite thing about Spring?


Dozens of birds living in filthy conditions were turned over to the MSPCA.

71 Birds & 5 Dogs Living In Filthy Conditions Are Turned Over To MSPCA

The MSPCA reported on Saturday another instance of someone handing over a large number of animals.


Robins fly into windows thinking they're seeing rivals.

Curious Why Birds Keep Flying Into Windows

After our long, tough winter, robins are a reassuring sign of spring. But they’re also raising a question.


The injured bald eagle (credit: Cyrus Moulton/Wareham Week)

Record Number Of Bald Eagles Spotted In Mass.

A record number of bald eagles were spotted in Massachusetts during an annual winter survey, officials announced on Friday.



Why Protective Cages On Plane Engines Won’t Work

The fact that birds can actually bring down a huge plane has some of you asking questions. Marianne from carver posted this one on our Curiosity Web…



Curious What Birds Are Doing In The Mall

There’s a local mall with a pest problem. The problem is birds, flying around in the food court. Board of Health officials got involved because of one…