Obama's Kill List
UBL Still Dead...A Whole Year Now...Isn't BHO Wonderful?And if you want just two good reasons why BHO should be elected again as Commander-in-Chief....try this for a slogan: "UBL is dead.....GE is still alive" Thank you BHO and OMG I think I'm getting a little misty over this one.
Soundbytes Of The Year, 2011It has been the year of the B's: Bulger, buses, bin Laden, Barney, Bachmann and, of course, the Stanley Cup winners. Soundbytes are selected by WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Dave Mager.
Soundbytes Of The Week May 13Mississippi churning, NH prosecutors believe they've solved the murder of Krista Dittmeyer, Bin Laden still dead: "Pictures to Prove It," selected by WBZ's Dave Mager.
Should Christians Forgive Bin Laden?
MBTA Increases Security Over New Transit Terror ThreatMBTA police say they're taking steps to increase security in the wake of a new terror threat.
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