Big Dig Tunnel

MassDOT surveillance video shows the accident that knocked down ceiling lights at the Tip O'Neill Tunnel on Wednesday.

New Video Shows Accident That Took Down Boston Tunnel’s Ceiling Lights

New video released by MassDOT shows the accident that took down ceiling lights inside the Tip O’Neill Tunnel on Wednesday night.


Big Dig Guardrails

Soil Testing Begins Under Big Dig Tunnel In Sinkhole Probe

The state Department of Transportation has started testing the soil near South Station to try to determine the size and cause of the sinkhole underneath the I-90 Connector Tunnel.


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Rep. Lynch Requests Inspections Over Tunnel Soil Problem

Congressman Lynch is calling for inspections over tunnel soil problems.


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Soil Sinking Around Big Dig Tunnel

When engineers built the tunnel system, they froze the soil in some places, to keep it from collapsing. Now the soil is thawing, and a space is opening underneath.


Karl Heitelberg says a piece of concrete fell from the Prudential Tunnel through his car's sunroof.

State Police To Look Into Claim Of Concrete Fall In Pru Tunnel

State police are now looking into an accident inside a Big Dig tunnel after a driver complained nothing was being done about his accident.


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Officials: Foam Fell From Big Dig Tunnel

A 2-foot-by-2-foot piece of lightweight fireproofing material fell from the ceiling of a Big Dig tunnel last month while the highway was closed during an inspection.