Listen To Your GutHave you ever wondered why your stomach growls or you experience that "butterflies" feeling? Find out where they come from.
Genetic Testing For Colorectal CancerFamily history plays a role in about 20 percent of all colorectal cancer cases in the U.S. Learn about BIDMC's colorectal genetic testing program.
Baby Boomers Urged To Be Tested For Hepatitis CFind out why the Center for Disease Control is recommending Hepatitis C screening for all baby boomers.
Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Not Curable, But TreatableDr. Adam Cheifetz knows first-hand what his IBD patients deal with because he's not only their doctor, he's also a patient.
IBS vs. IBD What's The Difference?We hear about IBS and IBD all the time. They're common gastrointestinal disorders. But what are they and what are the differences?
Enhancing Quality of Life for Chronic Pancreatitis PatientsThe chance meeting between two doctors at a medical conference has led to groundbreaking research and potential therapies for people with chronic pancreatitis.
VIDEO: LINX: An Innovative Procedure For Acid RefluxMeghan Fashjian tried controlling her Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) with medicines. After 10 years of no relief, she turned to experts at BIDMC for the LINX procedure.
VIDEO: How Food Cues Relate To HungerDoes seeing a fast food sign while you're driving make you want to stop? Find out what research is being done to understand cravings and develop therapies to help manage obesity and food addiction.
An Aspirin A Day Can it Really Keep The Doctor Away?Find out whether this little over-the-counter pill can really prevent heart attacks.
Want the best chance for long-term heart health? Get moving early!New research has found that frequent exercise beginning as young as 18 years old can have a lasting impacting on your heart.
Safeguard Your Health with a '6th Inning Stretch': The Hazards of Prolonged Sitting.According to the American Heart Association, only 20% of the population has a physically active job. Get tips for breaking up “chair time” with short periods of activity.
Is Meditation Good For Your Heart? The Jury's Still Contemplating.Can mind-body therapies like yoga and meditation help protect you from heart disease?

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