Basking Shark

The dorsal fin of a basking shark spotted off the coast of Maine (Photo credit Jaron Thibault)

Great White Sharks Spotted Off Maine? Not Likely, Scientists Say

Multiple reports of great white shark sightings in Maine waters over the weekend are likely a case of mistaken identity, experts say.


(Photo Credit: WBZ-TV via AP Photo/Shelly Negrotti)

Basking Shark, Not Great White, May Have Chased Kayaker Off Cape Beach

It’s long, has a menacing fin and was last seen shadowing a kayaker Saturday at a Cape Cod beach. But, it may not have been a great white shark after all.


(Photo Credit: Melissa Rocha)

Large Basking Shark Nearly Strands Itself In Cape Cod River

A 14-foot basking shark nearly stranded on the Cape Thursday.


(YouTube Still)

Video Shows Man Trying To Jump On Shark Off Chatham

If you could swim with the sharks, would you?