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Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama smiles while h

Pick-A-Side: Who Is Your Favorite Lefty?

From Oprah to Angelina Jolie, who is everyone’s favorite lefty? You decide!


Obamarita at Sharky's Cantina on Martha's Vineyard. (WBZ-TV photo)

Martha’s Vineyard Businesses Prepare For First Family

Despite the gloomy weather, Martha’s Vineyard is packed and the buzz is building over the Saturday arrival of the First Family.


Gary Lapierre

Is Barack Out Campaigning Again? For What ????

Him, his wife, his two kids, his mother-in-law, and the dog….. all given a free ticket to ride and while the taxpayers go along for the ride as well……they’re the only ones who have to pay….and pay……and pay.


Gary Lapierre

Just Some….Stuff!!!

s there no end to to the silly things deemed as huge news stories? Is there no end to the bad news that the President of the United States has to endure? Does anyone know the difference between the truth and an outright lie? Does anyone care anymore or are we all just looking to be entertained? I think it’s the latter. Entertainment keeps us enthralled for days, weeks and months……even if it’s irrelevant or an outright lie.


File Photo. U.S. President Barack Obama (L) waves to the crowd during a trip to Martha's Vineyard. (Photo by CJ Gunther-Pool/Getty Images)

Obamas To Return To Martha’s Vineyard This Summer

The White House says the president and the first lady will return to Martha’s Vineyard next month for a nine-day stay.


Gary Lapierre

And They Just Keep On Comin’

Ms. Rice……a Rhodes Scholar no less, is the one who was tossed to the Sunday news wolves to make believe she didn’t know the difference between a protest demonstration and a terrorist attack. She is now sitting at the right-hand of you-know-who. She is this country’s TOP security advisor and BHO apparently thinks this is a good thing.


(Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

IRS Commissioner Ousted Over Tea Party Targeting

President Obama said Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew had asked for and accepted Steven T. Miller’s resignation.


Gary Lapierre

Hey BHO Fans……Cat Got Your Tongue??

I just heard the Justice Department, another apparent political wing of the BHO administration, has been accused of an unprecedented intrusion into the news gathering policies of Associated Press, secretly confiscating telephone records of AP journalists. This one is huge…..I mean huge….and BHO fans, I for one am going to enjoy watching the carnage.


Truck on fire after attack in Benghazi

Keller @ Large: Battle Over Benghazi

The Obama administrative is on the defensive over the way it handled the deadly attacks in Benghazi, Libya.


(Photo credit BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Obama: Boston Capture Closes Chapter In Tragedy

President Barack Obama will speak from the White House Friday night following the capture of a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing investigation.