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Audi Recalling Nearly 102,000 Cars To Fix Air Bags

Audi is recalling nearly 102,000 luxury cars because the front air bags may not inflate in a crash.


"I drive a hard bargain!ā€

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Hillary At Walden Pond

ā€œIā€™m in love with Audi.ā€ – Hillary and her Audi A4 Quattro Premium Plus S-Line


Neighbors pulled a man from this burning Audi.

Easton Neighbors Pull Driver From Burning Car

Three neighbors who barely know each other saved a man from his burning car inEastonlate Wednesday night.


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Survey: GM Drastically Improves Car Reliability

In a survey of car owners conducted by Consumer Reports, the reliability of General Motors’ cars has improved drastically in the past year – with some GM brands outranking several European manufacturers – and Ford now outranks Mazda and Nissan.



Just A Few Things…

In pondering what to write about today I decided to examine several things—actual things that you can hold, sit in, drive and consumer that have made headlines of late.

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