Invasive Beetle Forces Worcester To Cut Down 500 More TreesThe City of Worcester has signed off on a federal plan to cut down 500 more trees – in a renewed effort to head off the spread of the Asian Longhorned Beetle.
Asian Longhorned Beetle Declared Eradicated In BostonOfficials announced the voracious Asian longhorned beetle that threatens trees has been eradicated in Boston.
Mass. To Mark Eradication Of Beetle From BostonState and federal officials are gathering in Boston to celebrate the eradication of the destructive Asian longhorned beetle in the city.
Worcester Says Asian Longhorned Beetle Problem Is "Under Control"After three years of battling the destructive Asian Longhorn Beetle, officials say they finally have the problem under control.
Curious About Longhorned Beetle PoisonIf the pesticide to control the Asian Longhorned Beetle is injected into Sugar Maple trees, would it poison the sap that could be collected from those trees to make maple syrup? Will the trees be identified that have been injected? -Ron, Franklin
UMass prof: Beetle battle to last another decade
Asian longhorned beetle found in Boston