An Ashby officer walking goats in the rain (Image credit Ashby police)

Police Officer Takes Lost Goats For A Stroll In Ashby

An Ashby police officer made some new friends while walking the beat overnight.


A state police trooper shot and killed a suspect in Ashby Tuesday. The suspect's car is the silver one on the left, the trooper's undercover car is on the right. (credit: CBS)

State Police Trooper Shoots, Kills Drug Suspect In Ashby

A state police trooper shot and killed a suspected drug dealer in Ashby Tuesday afternoon. State police say the trooper had no other option, because the suspect was driving his car toward the trooper.


The December 2008 Ice Storm in Worcester (WBZ-TV photo)

Worcester County Braces For Possible Ice Storm

Unitil, the public utility that took heat for leaving many ratepayers in the cold after the 2008 ice storm in north central Massachusetts, is advising customers in that area to prepare for ice-rated power outages tomorrow.