Animal Control

Brookline police found a python on Monday. (Photo by Brookline Police Department)

Police Seeking Owner Of Snake Found On Brookline Street

Police are looking for the owner of a snake found on a Brookline street on Monday.


Dogs on a snowbank (Photo credit Steve Femino)

Dogs Using Snowbanks To Flee Yards, Run Rampant In Streets

Weymouth police shared a message from animal control reminding dog owners to keep an eye on their pets.


An Ashby officer walking goats in the rain (Image credit Ashby police)

Police Officer Takes Lost Goats For A Stroll In Ashby

An Ashby police officer made some new friends while walking the beat overnight.


Leominster patch (WBZ-TV)

Leominster Police Shoot Dog As Last Resort Because Of No Animal Control Officer

Police in Leominster shot a dog that was hit by a car because the city did not have an animal control officer.


Porkchop the pig (Photo Credit: Karen Twomey)

Brockton Pig Owner Fights To Keep Beloved Pet

It seems the city of Brockton has had enough of Anthony Ruiz’s pet pig “Porkchop.”


(Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

Bat Bites Brockton Police Officer

A Brockton police officer was bitten by a bat while at the animal control office Friday night.


Brockton Police car (photo credit: Brockton police)

Brockton Pit Bull Found Dead Was Chained Outside Without Food Or Water

One pit bull was found dead after being left in the 90-degree heat without food or water in Brockton on Sunday.


New Bedford Animal Control now has custody of the alligator. (Photo courtesy: WPRI-TV)

4-Foot Alligator, Pit Bull Found Abandoned In New Bedford

A 4-foot alligator was found abandoned in a New Bedford apartment on Tuesday.


The raccoon was caught in this illegal trap.

Raccoon Gets Caught In Illegal Trap Set Near Norfolk School

A raccoon got caught in a trap set illegally near a school in Norfolk on Sunday morning.