Soaring EpiPen Prices Raise Questions About Pharmaceutical IndustryThe price of an EpiPen has increased over the last ten years from $60 to $400.
Achoo! Springfield, Providence Among ‘Sneeziest And Wheeziest Cities’A new report names two New England cities as the “sneeziest and wheeziest” places in America.
Worst Allergy Season In Years Possible After Brutal WinterAfter our harsh winter, the spring allergy season could be one of the worst in recent memory.
Shorter, But More Severe Allergy Season Predicted After Record-Setting WinterIt’s hard to think about allergy season when there’s still snow on the ground.
Antibiotics On Food Causing Children To Have Allergic Reactions To Fruits, VegetablesMore children are appearing to have allergic reactions to fruits and vegetables, but this has nothing to do with the food.
Do You Have Christmas Tree Syndrome?If you get watery eyes and an itchy nose when the Christmas tree comes inside your home, you may have Christmas Tree Syndrome.
How To Keep Your Allergies In Check This SpringSpring is here, the weather is warm and the air is freely blowing all those nasty allergens all over the place. Take a few steps to help protect yourself this allergy season.
UMass Researchers Study Link Between Allergies And Global WarmingResearchers say the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is having a direct effect on plants.
Keeping Mom’s Important Papers OrganizedA gift you can give mom this Mother's Day is to help her sort through all of the stuff she has been saving for years and help get it organized.
Allergy Sufferers Brace For Tough SeasonThe mild winter and recent record high temperatures has allergy sufferers bracing for what could be a very tough and very long season.
Sweet! Honey May Help Curb Seasonal AllergiesWhat allergy sufferer wouldn’t be interested in some drug free relief? The answer might be found in the buzzing of bees.
Doctors Say Allergy Season Is Starting Earlier And Lasting LongerDoctors say it appears the allergy season is starting earlier, and lasting longer.
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