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Flying Is Such A Lie….And Damned Uncertain

There could be fourteen feet of snow out there and MassPort would tell you….”that flight is scheduled to leave on time.” Left unsaid….”of course it’s scheduled to……it surely won’t, but it’s scheduled to.


President Barack Obama at a cabinet meeting. (Photo by Roger L. Wollenberg-Pool/Getty Images)

FAA Showdown Takes Heavy Toll On Local Family

President Obama is calling for Congress to cut their vacation short and return to end the stalemate over an aviation shutdown.


Many of the scales used to weigh luggage at Logan Airport don’t give accurate readings.

I-Team: Possible Luggage Fee Overcharging At Logan

Fees, fees, and more fees. That’s the story when it comes flying these days. The I-Team found travelers might be paying more for their luggage than they should.


JetBlue flight from Boston diverted over unruly passenger

A JetBlue Airways flight from Boston to the Dominican Republic had to land in the Washington, D.C., area Friday afternoon because of an unruly passenger, the company and federal officials said.


JetBlue: Passengers tell different tale

A rogue JetBlue flight attendant’s explanation that an uncooperative passenger caused him to melt down and slide down a parked plane’s emergency chute may not hold water, the airline says in an internal memo.